We envision a world without plastic waste

At Protein Evolution we’re evolving the world toward a low-carbon, circular economy.

Plastic recycling needs an upgrade

The current approach is costly, ineffective, and resource-intensive.

Mechanical recycling produces weaker materials, while chemical recycling results in toxic carbon emissions. It is more feasible, from an economic and environmental perspective, for petrochemical companies to make new plastic than to recycle plastic waste.

So, how do we change the narrative?

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Our groundbreaking technology

We developed Biopure™, our seminal technology that uses a low-energy process to create plastic precursors that can be infinitely recycled at a competitive cost.

With the help of Biopure™, the world's top brands can confidently fulfill their sustainability commitments at an unprecedented scale, addressing the pressing needs of both consumers and the planet.

Work with Us
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Our story

Protein Evolution's team, composed of diverse and dedicated scientific minds, is resolutely committed to leading the way in transitioning the chemicals industry towards a low-carbon, circular economy.

Our mission is to decarbonize plastic production. We believe that through our unwavering dedication and the power of technology, we can make a significant positive impact on our planet.

PROTEIN EVOLUTION WAS Founded in 2021 by Connor Lynn in partnership with Jonathan Rothberg Ph.D., a renowned scientist and recipient of the National Medal of Technology and Innovation.
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Our leadership

Connor Lynn
Connor Lynn
Co-Founder & Chief Business Officer
Dr. Jonathan Rothberg
Jonathan Rothberg, Ph.D.
Co-Founder & Chairman
Jay Konieczka
Jay Konieczka, Ph.D.
Chief Technology Officer

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